Surface limestone slabs span a backyard creek fed by a natural spring
The surface of a man-made pond reflects a crape myrtle tree in winter sunlight
Before: A typical suburban back yard with threadbare Bermuda grass.
A natural, spring-fed stream meanders across the back yard.

Denton oasis

This Robson Ranch home was built on a golf course, but the homeowner didn’t want to shut down her view with an iron fence and a holly hedge as others did. She wanted openness and a big-sky view.

During construction, bulldozers fractured the bedrock and created a slow, seeping spring. Many landscapers and engineers told her to pipe the water into the street, just to get rid of it.

She saw the water as an opportunity. And so did we!  So, we created a sump to store the flow, and built a pond and a backyard stream, surrounded by native limestone pads. Water bubbles gently as it crosses stones and gravel.  Leftover water is used to irrigate her lot and a neighbor’s. People come up from the golf course to peek in, admiring the owner’s creativity and adventurous spirit.